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"Each day that we receive the opportunity to live & to learn, is a building block to help make another's journey a little less difficult."

Diamond Hill is President & CEO of The March Forth Foundation Inc, the leading resource and advocate for young women in life transition. She is a seasoned motivational speaker and mental health advocate who has successfully worked within The Florida State University network, The Florida House of Representatives, and The Children's Home Society of Florida. Diamond currently applies her diverse leadership experiences to identify life skill disparities in youth, engage in critical policy research, exchange proven practices with schools and youth centers, and advance the missions of The March Forth Foundation through advocacy.

Diamond was born (March 4th, 1996) and raised in the city of Sanford Florida (better known as Bokey) and she is the eldest of 6 children. Diamond graduated from Seminole Highschool in the Class of 2014, and then went on to receive a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Florida State University. Diamond began her career as an Executive secretary to the Clerk and a Supervisor for The Page and Messenger Program, where she drafted, edited, compiled, and produced the House Journal during legislative sessions as well as coordinated committee meetings, house session in chamber tours, and facilitated press conferences with governmental officials for 250 of Florida's middle and high school aged students.


She was inducted into the Garnet and Gold Key Leadership Hall of Fame and she has received countless service awards such as the Development Award, The Most Inspiring Award and the Selfless Leadership Award. Diamond has served as an Upward Bound Counselor, A Gear-Up Camp Counselor, a Care Ambassador for the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement and a Dependency Case Manager. 


Diamond also co-founded and led The Momentum Coalition, championing prison reform, voter suppression, and equal rights and restoration for minorities. She is also founder of Delightful Delicacies Dessert Business, Dionous Designs and The Tru Story Podcast.

Since graduating from Florida State, Diamond continues to take influence from The Black Student Union by "Remembering her past, building on her present, and fighting for her future". She believes that every life experience thus far has helped to prepare her for the work she is doing alongside the March Forth team.

A sought-after speaker, Diamond has delivered more than 50+ keynote and other presentations for a diverse range of groups, domestic and international. She also writes and records weekly live video content about advocacy, current events, education, mental health, life skills, financial literacy, etc. that she shares with her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter network,

Numerous organizations have formally recognized Diamond's community and professional contributions, including the National Society of Leadership and Success, The Garnet and Gold Key Leadership Honorary, The Black Alumni Association, The Black Female Development Circle, Sistuhs Inc., Ladies Inc., Saving Sanford, Sanford Herald, Orlando Voyager Magazine ( featured as a Change Maker and – most recently in 2021 she was featured on Channel 9 News for her work alongside March Forth spreading the mission this Juneteenth 2021).

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